New Year - Why not Goals instead of Resolutions?

New Year Goals

I would like to start this post by wishing everyone a happy new year and I hope your life would be amazing this year.

The new year bring hope of possibilities and endless opportunities to fulfil your dream. While a lot of people might have failed to keep up their new year resolutions last year, it is again time to make resolutions for this year.

According to the research, every year more than 80% of the people fail to keep up their resolutions. And this is not because people don’t love what they have put up in resolutions but instead they are not motivated to do that, or simply they are lazy or maybe they have no company or there is no time bound activity. To solve this, I have been trying to do things differently.

Do it Differently

Just like how everybody makes up new year resolutions every year and then later on forget about them after few weeks/months. I have been doing things differently from the 2014 onwards. Every year I have been making new year goals (instead of resolutions) for the current year and it’s really helping me a lot. While It takes some effort from our side to come up with the list, but it’s worth it.

My Goal List

Because I have learnt one thing in the past that

“People wouldn’t never believe what you tell them, but would definitely believe what you show them”

So here you go with some of my goals for this year. Interestingly these are some of the common goals I have been following from last few years.

New Year Goals
New Year Goals

As you can see, some goals have been completed on time whereas few were not. Whatever is completed, I cross them out so that the focus is only on the one’s which are not completed.

Likewise, you can come up with your own goals list and update it whenever you finish each of the item. You can come up with any type of goal starting from taking your parents to an outing, or learning a new language, or watching x number of movies, or going out for a vacation x number of times or learning a new skill. It can be anything and everything you wanna do.

I currently use ColorNote Notepad App to manage my goals list.

This way I am able to finish more than 80% of my goals every year and its interesting to compare this vs the new year resolution we generally take every year and aren’t able to complete even 20% of it.

P.S. Try out, you might find this interesting. Leave your comments on what you think about this idea, whether its helpful or not.